high gas prices … are good … ?

well, i guess everybody will hate me but i think it’s good that gas and oil is getting so expensive. more will be done to save energy, people will drive less and plan their trips better (less traffic!)(less u-turns!)(less accidents!). goods from china will become more expensive, shipping a 40ft container cost $5000 last year and is at $15000 now (if i remember businessweek numbers correctly) – which in turn will make domestic produced goods more competitive (maybe more jobs here? or maybe in mexico etc)

anyways i looked into converting my car to CNG (compressed natural gas) – it costs $3 per gge (gasonline equivalent gallon = how much gasoline it replaces) versus $4.50 for regular gas right now – it would be $100 to fill up my car!!! CNG burnes cleaner, engine lives longer, less oil-changes, spark plugs etc etc – and that’s how in the long run it will be cheaper. BTW about 98% of our natural gas here comes from the US or canada … and you can buy a compressor and make your own CNG for about $1 per gge at home …

even cooler would be to have your own compost in a bio-reactor to make your own methane … sounds a bit like ‘back to the future’ where the doctor puts some garbage into his car and then … flys away … (that’s what we need!)