HP is drying out

the printer … not the company (i hope)(even though they deserve some pain after what they put me thru)

ink printers are, i realize now, very delicate miracles of ‘vacuum pressure’ and liquids in microscopic ducts inside a silicon chip

ANY small change in their operation conditions, and you’re screwed

my printer died from heat – i had to print on a 90 degree day, and one of the ribbon cables that are glued to the printhead (from the contacts going to the silicon chip) became ‘undone’, and it even looks like it sparked, since the ribbon looks almost melted and black, burnt

so … be nice to that machine. keep it cool, but not too cool. don’t dry it out with your A/C. and whatever you do with the ink, WAIT for a while – it has bubbles of air in it, they have to come out …. wait 10 minutes, 30 minutes ….. before you print anything

air bubbles are made of air (ha!) and not liquid – so should the printer ‘ingest’ too much of that it’ll overheat the printhead!!!

the trick is that the ink due to it’s vapourizing will cool the tiny nozzles, but at the same time contains dye (or pigment) that leaves a spot on the paper, and at the same time cleans the nozzle, and, when it’s gone, creates a tiny vacuum that pulls new ink from the tank into the silicon

also for my printer it seems putting the external CIS tank higher up ontop of the printer works better – you waste some ink, it will slowly dribble out when not being used, but it’s cheap – i paid $20 on ebay for 400 cc of ink …. a printhead replacement is about $35 to $55 on ebay