“better place” and their EV

there’s an article in this month’s weird magazine about the startup called “better place”, by agassi (formerly sap)

in general they adress the issue of how/when/howmuch you gotta charge your batteries, and manage the charge dynamically depending on where you are and how far you want to go

the problem i see is that when one drives his/her car you never know exactly how the traffic conditions are, if you may want to stop to grab some food, or you run into a friend and change plans “on the go” – then you would have to tell your car about the change of plans, and it would reroute you depending on the “new” plans? also how would the computer determine if the planned stop is in an area where you feel comfortable going to? there have to be fill-up/battery-change stations even in bad neighborhoods to serve the not-so-well-off clients in the future!

besides i think if you have the chance to charge your batteries over night, you would choose to fully charge them – for your own peace of mind and security (so you don’t get stuck someplace). there is no advantage of charging it only partially (reduction in weight and therefore better mileage) – only disadvantages!