cheap oil is here, again, but how long?

finally the price of gas went back to 1.79 usd per gallon (here in CA), went back up to 1.99 right now …

but there are still more and more people in the world that want to get cars, lights, computers, heaters etc – and i guess we’ll be at about 10 billion people in 20 to 30 years from now – so where will all the energy come from???

due to the rapid increase in population just saveing energy will NOT solve the problems – besides you just can’t throw out ALL energy consuming devices (incl homes and factories) and replace them with better ones that consume 30-80 percent less – where will you get all the material from (and the energy/materials to do all this)???

the real solution is GENERATION!!! got to admit, solar panels/mirrors/troughs/towers etc need some building material too, but once it’s in place you could use the devices AND the infrastructure (mounts/cables/converters) for a long long time – maybe replace your solar panels in 20 years with better working/smaller/nicer looking ones?

maybe someone could find the courage to employ auto-workers that lost their jobs in the solar business?