why E.T. won’t come

one could think of many reasons:

Рthe next galaxies / planets / stars are quite far away, a few lightyears, so that alone limits travel opportunities. aliens have lives, families, jobs, maybe limited lifespans, moneyproblems, ballgames they want to see etc,  so why would they travel many years just to see us? who wants to spend money on such a lenghty trip?

– they send robots first. once they see our limited technology, our wars, our bacteria and viruses and other stupidity they just laugh and check back a th0usand years later, via robot. good luck humans solving your problems till then

– what can they learn? they are so much more advanced than we are, so maybe it’s just entertaining but that’ll last only so long

– there’s gotta be more exciting and ¬†picturesque places than earth. think dual / triple sunsets! 20 moons! supernovas!

– if you already got lightspeed and all the nice tech you need for such a trip, do you really need anything from here like raw materials (metals, cells, DNA etc) – why not just cook it up in your own fusion reactor?

– maybe they came from here, so it’s just educational for their archeologists to come back here, but why spend more time than necessary and contact us undeveloped humans?

– their planet is dying, their water is gone etc – wouldn’t they built something to fix that instead of spending their resources on travel? besides our planet is not so pretty clean anymore either