HP was once a great company. their products lasted forever, were high priced but worth their money. every penny. then they bought compaq (after they choked after their digital purchase). whatever. they needed to cut costs, and therefore product lines. cheap compaq lines like ‘presario’ were rebranded as HP. useless crap. cheap chipsets from SIS, very little updates & support. they deserved to be oblivious. the only good products they make today are their server lines.

however, i still love HP. they have given birth to my ‘HP laserjet’. the thing does not even have a model number. it’s ONE. after that the laserjet TWO came out, a big success. but the ONE was groundbreaking, breathtaking, everlasting, reliable, goodwilled, cheap-to-use … i can go on longer. the thing prints 8 pages a minute, crisp, in courir since it has only 128MB RAM. whatever. it works. it’s almost 30 years old. it works. HP quality…. from back-then.

but now i hate HP, at the same time. i have a mid-priced inkjet ‘officejet-pro’, which, as a ‘pro’, i had great hopes for the machine. turned out a 5 cent piece of electric tape made it work again …. after HP tried to rip me off, and force me to buy another color cartridge. for $30.

i don’t print color. i don’t need to. i don’t want to. if i need pictures, i go to costco, or savon. i print ONLY BLACK. everything in the system and the driver is set to ” BLACK ONLY”. so why do they want me to buy color cartridges??? to preserver printhead health? i care less. i print ONLY BLACK. did i say thay before?

put a piece of electric tape in front of the oval window of the bladder inside the cartridge – then the sensor can’t see that it’s empy. maybe your printhead dies. maybe the printer dies. whatever. i print ONLY BLACK.

my HP laserjet still works. if that inkjet ever dies, i just go back to my 30 year old HP printer, and smile, while i’m feeling the nice warmed up pages coming out of it. i love HP.