too many linux’s !

i love linux. i hate linux.

around me there are several laptop and desktop PCs with linux, tried about 8 different distros so far, and they all had some trouble with something. all needed some command line editing, mostly conf files, and checking or correcting starting services, blacklisting drivers and modules, getting my X11 to work, changing grub etc etc etc

if you didn’t understand the last sentence, don’t worry. just means you’re in company with 90% of all users, and you’re not ready to install or use it. stay away!

hurts me to say this, but from a support perspective it’s a nightmare. sooooooo many distros, different packages, update mechanisms, and mostly dependency problems.  nothing a ‘noob’ (aka beginner) can do. not on his own, not in a few days or weeks.

problems seems to be: there are too many distros out there. distrowatch-dot-com tracks over a hundred different ones. i understand the need for clusters, large memory systems, routers, voip and system admins for troubleshooting to have their own distro, but for the normal user that’s just too complicated. look at windows. very likely that if you download 32 bit code yo can run it on w2k, xp, vista and w7. all came that out in the last 12 years . you click on install, and after a while it should work, even do some updating automatically.

no distro i’ve seen runs smooth and easy, and i’m tired of trying! and don’t say i should compile something. i don’t have the time for it. period.