Where’s my SRAM???

as said before, i want some SRAM module for my PC. nice that you can get some triple channel DDR3 that gives you a max bandwidth of more than 25 Gigabyte per sec, but what if you need a few bytes here and there? LATENCY is the killer. or let’s say you run some virtualization software – with hundreds or thousands of context switches per sec. everytime your cache content becomes kind’a obsolete!

i don’t know the actual numbers of how much time gets lost – some cores can work on some other tasks while waiting for data, but it ain’t good. we see more SSDs, more RAM, more cores but what feeds a truly random access best? SRAM!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – just a gig or two

of course some new software developments like randomization to prevent hacker attacks (eg spraying) make this approach only limited as for the speedup, but we need to differentiate between RAM data: you buy a speedy SSD or  15k disk if you expect lots of random access, and a few TB with 5-7k if you need space.  so why not do the same with RAM?

virtualization is another beast – frequent context changes NEED fast RAM for the heaps, registers etc but may not move much data …