loosing your memory?

seen a few laptops recently with memory problems – guess the SODIMMs were just getting too hot. especially older DDR266 or 333 takes up about 1W per 512Mbit chip, so if you have a 16 chip module (that is 1GByte) your RAM is burning thru 16W of your precious battery power! add to that an older 3GHz P4 with 70W max and you got over a hundred watts “under the hood” ( … under the keyboard)

KEEP IT COOL! got an older P4 here, i took the DVD drive out, and will cut a few breathing holes next to the keyboard … with a nice screen above it of course

… or just get a newer laptop: the new DDR2 run on 1.8V instead of 2.5V, and despite their speedincrease consume about half as much food