batteries are bad!

if you think how much material and weight goes in a battery, just to store a few electrons … and you always have some chemical reaction with some degradation of the materials used … somehow crazy.

how about storing ions, eg nitrogen ions, in liquid form in a cryotank? you gotta deal with the temperatures and the pressures, but since the tank would contain only ONE inert chemical there’s no degradation, and you can just liquify air (and filter thru boiling point) to get more nitrogen. the supply is almost unlimited! besides liquifying can be done thru a mechanical process only – compression – which could be powered thru wind, without going thru conversions etc, just a plain simple mechanical link from the turbine blades to the compressor

even if you don’t use the ion effect, you can still use the liquid N2 to improve efficiencies of existing processes (by creating a larger delta t while burning conventional fuels) or you use it straight for airconditioning etc and then drive another turbine with the exhaust to recover even more energy