solar math

some more numbers here: we here in the west get about 6-7 kWh max out of a 1kW panel per day, that’s about a dollar a day. without an electric-increase you got a breakeven after 10 years …

let’s say electricity prices increase 5% per year – 1.05 to the 10th is 1.63, meaning those 16 cents would turn into 26 cents

right now i would buy some panels to get started, place them in a way that will allow expansion, and not get batteries – i’d buy electricity at night or if my demand is very high. battery development will get much faster in the next years, and inverters/chargers are very expensive. as prices for panels fall i’d buy more, or some (better) batteries

i’ve seen inverters for $2k rated 3kW, that price will come down easier than the panel. of course an old fashioned lead-acid car battery is very cheap, too