peak demand/generation of electricity

it seems to be peak demand for electricity is between 12pm and 4pm – whether for cooking lunch or your A/C to keep you cool. those are exactly the times solar panels could provide you with their peak output, and some could come from batteries that get charged at other times during the day

also worth exploring: other ways of storing energy! for example one could built A/C units that use el. at night to freeze water (like beer-dispensers) and circulate a liquid thru it during the day extract heat from the indoor rooms … or one sets his freezer on a timer that is is colder at night and only runs at daytime if really necessary

my parents home has a heater that consists of half a ton of vulcanic rock that gets heated electrically at night to a max 1000F and during the day a fan transfers hot air into the house’s heating pipes – it’s built in 1979! no need for fancy batteries etc!