home improvements!

why do we have fridges that pump their hot air exhaust into the cool indoor air, that gets cooled by an A/C??? one needs a fridge that 1) in summer ventilates to the outside and 2) in winter into the house to help warm it up!

also we could need heat pumps that extract heat from our waste-water before it enters the pipes outside: it would enable you to save gas for the water-heater and also reduce smells from the gutter cause the temp down there is lower and therefore bacteria work less hard!

if one would have two water heaters, one for low-temp water that gets heated thru roof panels or heat-pumps, and then the water goes into the gas-water-heater to gain a few more degrees … water comes into our house at around 50F, so going from 50 to 80 is a lot of energy needed right there!