solar panel split-power

my favorite panel comes from kyocera with a 200W rating – at a max of 26.3V at 7.6A. the thing has 6×9 little segments. so why can’t we have several outputs to switch the Voltage so your home does NOT require ANY switching power supply to charge your in-house batteries etc – the efficiency might improve since there’s no conversion necessary? i think you can have several different power supply voltages thrughout the home – e.g. for A/C, computers, flatscreen, heaters – 5,12,24,110 V

that would work best if every segment had it’s own connector, i admit, and here you would have 108 wires sticking out … but let’s say you got only 9×2, one pair per stripe on the panel, and you got 10 panels on your roof (for max 2kw), that’ll give you some possibilities to switch the array according to the needs

think of it as a smart power-grid that gets reconfigured as needed!

wiki tells you that each cell has about .4-.6 V, so i guess here all 54 cells are ‘in line’ to reach the 26.3 V