most schematics i’ve seen recently convert the 110V AC into DC right away and then go thru capacitors & inductive circuits to go down in voltage. from what i’ve read some bricks would work on DC right away – if the voltage is high enough … i’ll run some tests here

would be great if we had some 24V DC outlets in our homes (easy 2 car batteries in line for backup!) – that seems to be the highest volts any of my PC/laptop/screens/mp3/DVD player needs … and that nicely coinicides with the 26V from the solar panels :)

think how much gets lost thru conversion:
12V backup battery -> 110V AC upconverter -> powerbrick to 19V DC -> internal 1.2/3.3/5V DC for the circuits

let’s say you got 3 conversions with 90% efficiency each: overall you got .9 x .9 x .9 = .729 means you got about 73% at the end! the rest is HEAT