installing … waiting … installing … waiting …

you’ve seen this a million times: start an installer, click through the fine print, the ‘agree’ buttons, the choosing of the options, install directory etc etc – what is the CPU doing during all this time? nothing!!!
THEN after all this we gotta wait to uncompress the CAB files etc, copy data to the disk, check for updates etc … what a waste of time!

why not have the CPU do all this WHILE we (maybe) read through the legalese etc – once you hit ‘agree’ the already waiting files get linked into the filesystem, and that’s it! would save countless hours of waiting for us and the CPU, besides doing an install faster is MORE productive, and SAVES electricity – you’re able to switch off the machine right away!

modern multi-cores should be even fast enough to uncompress ‘on the fly’ while the data/updates are read off the CD/DVD or downloaded