my dear SRAM …

… i want you back. really. i’ve lived too long with my DRAM, though very fast too, but it’s the latency that makes me wait a lot longer than necessary. even if you want to minimize the tracelines on the PCB and still use standard chipset timings/layouts – fine – use the CAS / RAS access schemes, but get rid of the latency and precharges and all that!

with structures of .25 microns now you can fit a lot of sram cells on a die and still have a decent pricepoint. think of flash – you’ll get 8GB for $30 on sale, that needs about 6 times the area, and even more if it’s multilevel, but still, you could get a GB of SRAM for the same price. and that’ll fit all the programs you usually need (kernels, drivers) and some of the userdata as well

i’d rather have some SRAM in my system than SSD – the loading times don’t bug me as much as wasted performance while i’m running an app! and even 12MB cache in the latest CPU isn’t doing it for me. i want my SRAM back!!!